Logo Design Is An Art

Your logo says everything about your business. When it is a good logo it is instantly recognizable it says everything you want to convey and it will stay in the mind of the people who see it.

That’s why professional logo design is a must for a company creating a new logo, or perhaps even more critically, changing a logo.

The basics of design for logos

Logo development edgartown ma, is a process. Often designers will start with some preliminary ideas on a sketch. They might even do this on paper so they can challenge ideas and add design flourishes on the fly.

Balance or not balanced

Think of a logo – it is balanced? Think of a logo that is not balanced? The Nike swoosh is one example, others? Humanity likes balance. (we tend to think people with a symmetrical face are more attractive) But it doesn’t mean it is the only answer.


Your logo will need to be big enough to put on a billboard and small enough to put on a business card. It needs to work anywhere in between too, so size matters. The lines need to be clean and clear and any flourishes need to work business card sized too.


Logo development edgartown ma

Three colors are usually enough unless you need to represent a rainbow. But don’t forget, a logo needs to look as good in black and white as it does in color. Effectively you are reducing everything other than black and white to a shade of grey. Make sure it works in both ways.

The letters matter too

They typeface of your logo is key. If you use a jokey font your company could look amateurish. But if you happen to be a kids party organizer it could be perfect.